#guestpost – How to Pick the Best Name for Your Clothing Brand


Ich weiß ja, dass hier auch viele mitlesen, die ein Shirt/Klamotten-Label haben oder sich mit dem Gedanken tragen, so ein Ding zu starten. Ein guter Name für das Baby ist ja auf jeden Fall nicht unwichtig – daher dachte ich mir, ich helfe euch mit einem Gastartikel zum Thema aus – s.u. Lasst mich wissen, wie ihr solche Beiträge findet – bei Gefallen kann ich mal hier und da mit Hilfestellungen dienen!

–> How to Pick the Best Name for Your Clothing Brand

So, you’ve got your great idea for your clothing brand and you have a bunch of cool designs ready to go. You’re all set, right? Not quite! You’re still missing one important step, and that’s coming up with clothing brand name ideas so you can find the perfect name for your brand.

Sound like a daunting task? It might seem that way at first, but there are some simple ways to make choosing a brand name easy and stress-free.

We’re here to walk you through it so you can focus on what you do best – creating an awesome brand! There are three main steps.

Step 1: Collect ideas

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Research company names that you like and see if you can find out how they came up with them. You can also find inspiration by generating lists of words that relate to your brand, keywords people might use to find their company, and websites like Wordporn that have collections of words.

Step 2: Triple check everything!

It’s time to break out your best Googling skills. Check on things like domain name availability, what things show up on search engines when you type in the potential name, and the dictionary and the thesaurus. A few sites that might come in handy:

Lean Domain Search – to check domain availability
Frizzle – to check how your potential name scores
Wordoid – a site that generates cool sounding made up words that have available domains

Step 3: Human-test it

In other words, let’s hope you have some friends who owe you a favour! You’re going to need some test subjects. Here are some ideas for how you can human-test your potential name choice:

-Say it to someone in a loud place (like a bar). Can they make out what you’re saying?
-Make sure it’s readable
-Use your common sense. If it seems clever or too complicated, it probably is.


A brand name sticks with you for life. Don’t let this intimidate you, but do remember that it’s an important decision, so spend the time you need on it.
Can you trademark it?For U.K.-based companies, just click over to the government’s website and follow the instructions to make sure you’re in the clear. Simple!
How do people feel about the name?Check your brand name with other people. That thing that sounds amazing in your head might come off very differently to your mum!
Are there any weird associations with the word? Google is your best friend here! Read up on your potential name choice as much as you can to see if something odd pops up. Ever heard of „Ayds“ diet candy? There’s a reason for that!


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