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  1. Hey,

    We are a need luxury lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles, California. We use only the finest Pima cotton to ensure the best quality shirts possible. We currently sell our shirts in the USA and Peru, Brazil and Israel.

    We are interested in reaching European clients and we came across your site and would love for you to do a review of our products/brand.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,


  2. REHAGE presents the first Illuminated t-shirt you can design yourself: Take the UV lamplight that Comes with each Shirt and draw, design, write or jot. In the dark it will glow for 7-10 minutes and then you can use the canvass again. The Shirts are also available your own logo. Kids and grown-up Unisex sizes are available, and so are many colours. The Shirts are made of 100 % Cotton and meet Öko-Tex standard 100. A 10 % discount is available for your readers and there is also a competition to win a free shirt.

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